The Third Layer of Covid is more dangerous attack more harshly.2021

April 01,2021 Lockdown is going to start in districts of Pakistan there names Faisalabad, Lahore Islamabad. So the women especially the Disable Women need some Aid of these districts, as our working area is Faisalabad so it is easy for us to Support the disable Women's of district Faisalabad.2021

In Faisalabad the cases of Covid 20 is increasing day by day and the amount of peoples are getting less not only due to Covid 20 Rather because of HUNGER because of no income. PEOPLES of Faisalabad are mostly daily wager they were doing their work only daily basis and also earn on daily basis but now due to corona virus they are disable to earn money and feed their children. So for this I have started the food giving program to deserving families which are mostly in need I have completed my survey and make list of areas where this program must be applied.

I have listed the names of places

1. Warispura

2. Salik town

3. Khushal town 4. Hajveri town

5. Bishop chalio colony

6. Gatti

7. Beese line

These are places Sudhar surveyed. So SUPPORT Sudhar in this favor and get a chance to become a member of Sudhar.